About Dimensionize

About Dimensionize  

International products from many different suppliers to your door from one roof

Dimensionize is a global sourcing company bringing exceptional, international products under one roof.  

Our specialist team is constantly on the look out worldwide for fresh product ideas to supply to international markets. 

The benefits are two-fold:

  • Buyers previously restricted by time constraints, logistics, large minimum order quantities and high shipping costs can  increase sales in their outlets by introducing fresh, exciting, international products to their stores.  

  • Suppliers and manufacturers can sell to small to medium businesses that may previously been unable to order due to the minimum order quantities and the high shipping costs associated with smaller orders.

How it works

Browse our catalogue, either place your order directly online or contact us to arrange the transaction and we will supply your products directly to your door.

Our global reach

With researchers, negotiators and distribution services across all four corners of the world, there is no region in which we cannot source for you.

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