International customers want your products

Dimensionize is a global sourcing company connecting buyers and sellers in foreign markets.  

Our specialist team is constantly identifying product opportunities and customer demands in international markets to sell and grow client products abroad. 

The benefits

  • Win sales in foreign markets without having to take on any new staff or commit any more time and resource to the sales campaign

  • New markets to regenerate your existing products without the risk of investing capital overseas

  • Quick market entry benefiting from our teams local legal expertise and connections

How it works

Our service is strictly free of charge, we will generate orders for your products abroad and our 'distributor clients' will pay you directly for their orders.  Once you have received payment, you will pay us a commission based on the total order value.

Our global distribution network

With agents and sub-agents across all four corners of the world, there is no region in which we cannot grow your sales internationally.

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